Delivery Process


AthenaSoft follows an Agile Delivery methodology to allow cutomers to have a feel of the product being developed and to garner early customer feedback. This involves providing incremental 2 week deliveries and reports on what has been developed so far. Customers are involved to the fullest in the project by giving them access to the project management portal and access to the task progress. The customers have a good understanding of the pace by which the project is progressing and can tweak the speed at any given project stage.

Scrum Teams
  • High visibility within teams using project management portals like Asana
  • Self organizing cross functional teams
  • Iterative and adaptive development model
Client as a Partner
  • Clients are a part of the team, so we understand their business better!
  • A user-first approach to put the organization’s perspective in place
  • Every iteration is aligned to include the reviews of the client